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A New Generation Of Fighters For Reparations Is Rising  


National Assembly Of American-Slavery Descendants.

Welcome to our landing page! Our official Website is under construction by our amazing team of community members fighting for #Reparations. We can't wait to show it to you! Be sure to check back in regularly!

Reparations News from Reparations News Hub by NAASD

Current Reparations Projects

Our top priority is Reparations for our people. NAASD has several active Reparations projects in action now!

Strengthen Federal Reparations (2).png

Campaign To Strengthen Reparations Legislation #FixHR40 #FixS40

Current Federal #Reparations Commission legislation HR40/S40 can & must be stronger. So #NAASD created a Campaign to DO something about it! 

Join our next public Campaign Overview Meeting! Next Campaign Overview happens: Tues September th at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Details are available through the NAASD Newsletter! Sign up today!

Visit FixHR40.Org for more info!

Are You ready to take action now?

-Click here for a script and a link to call your congressperson and tell them how to make Reparations Commission Bills H.R.40 & S.40 STRONGER! 

- Click here to sign our petition for strong Federal Reparations Proposal Legislation

- Click here to sign our petition to Strengthen Federal Reparations Legislation #FixHR40 #FixS40

- Click here to officially endorse our Campaign as an Organization or Influencer


Reparations News Hub

Our social media news channel bringing you Reparations News regularly. Get the latest Reparations News @HubReparations on Twitter and Reparations News Hub on Instagram and Facebook! Or, scroll down for Reparations News!


The Black Civics Podcast

Our civic education podcast where we learn and teach civics from the Reparations perspective. Get the latest Black Civics podcast episode on all podcast platforms, as well as @civicsblack on Twitter and Facebook!

Disaggregating Black Data Project (Check Back For Updates) #freethedata #datamatters

California recently created a first in the nation Reparations Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals. Click here to get info about the California Reparations Task Force or visit https://oag.ca.gov/ab3121.

State and Local Reparations Activity Project (Check Back For Updates)


The National Assembly of American-Slavery Descendants (NAASD) is a grassroots community-based organization of community members just like you. We're the next generation of fighters for Reparations and Reparatory Justice.


For info on how you can join NAASD, sign up for our newsletter right here on our website!


Officially, NAASD started in January 2020.  We work to educate, organize, and mobilize our community in support of Reparations for Black American Descendants of U.S. Chattel Slavery. We also work to educate our people around the principle that government at all levels is responsible for providing, committing to, and delivering a targeted, effective and specific social agenda to close the Black-White wealth gulf.