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Our Mission

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We believe the U.S government owes reparations to Black Americans who descend from U.S. Chattel Slavery (American Freedmen), Jim Crow, and who suffer ongoing economic, social, and political exclusion. We believe the legacy of slavery has been the driver of the enourmous Black-White wealth gap. We believe that the gap is widening and worsening, and if not corrected by targeted policies from the Federal Government, the typical Black American U.S. Slavery Descendant will soon have negative wealth. We are fighting for Reparations and demand that the Federal government provide, commit to and deliver, a targeted and effective political and economic agenda to close the Black-White wealth gap. We believe that only Federal Reparations can eliminate the massive Black-White wealth gap along with transformative policies.

NAASD is a social equity think tank and a grassroots community-based organization of regular people just like you. We are the next generation of freedom fighters for Equaity and Reparatory Justice.

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