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Who is NAASD?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants (NAASD) is a grassroots association of community activists from across the United States that came together around May 2019 though the pursuit of political education and a desire to understand the plight of our people. NAASD becaune an official 501c3 organization in March 2022.

NAASD is committed to educating and training American Freedmen, who are Black American Descendants of US Chattel Slavery, on civic engagement nationwide. By training advocates in the political process, proper non-profit formation, policy writing and an array of other skills, we ensure that members can self advocate at all levels of government.

Our mission serves to empower the future generations of American Freedmen to preserve our unique lineage and culture for decades to come, while advancing principles that heal America and preserve democracy for all.

We have helped to organize advocates and chapters across the nation and we are represented in each of the major cities across the U.S. NAASD has seven chapters in eight states, and twelve affiliate organizations nationwide.

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